Thursday, October 1, 2015

Soar Peace, Sing Mind

For my peace of mind
Harmonies escape my lips
I dream of melodies daily
I long to sing
For peace of mind
I watch birds taking wing
I too long to soar
I too long to sing

Green lights cover me
Where the sun refuses to be
My words chase the light
I hide behind their insight
Under twisted trees
Fashioned into guitars
I too sing to soar
I will sing and soar

Black keys on white
I balance out the night
With thoughtful rhymes
And I forget to breathe
When each lyric means 
One less to write
One less night to sing
To soar and take wing

The Bride, Laughing

When all the rice falls
Light showers
All over our heads
Where will you be standing?

Are you the bride
Are you the bitter maid
Or perhaps the happy one
When we run away, laughing?

Whose hand am I holding
Who flies beside me
Wearing the silky wind
Is it you O' Marcia?

Under the rain
Of blue and white flowers
Are you the one
Soaking me with love, laughing?

Run with me forever
Were you ever the maid
Did the piano speak true
When you came down to me?

A moment to forever
Will I remember it all?
Every part true
You were always the bride, laughing

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Slow Invasion

I was there
 I saw it
The plunge
It was real
There on the surface
A knife was floating
It was next to me
It was real

On my arms
A map was drawn on my arms
It looked like the roots of a tree
Growing from my heart
And my heart beat faster
I felt the blood in my veins
Tracing your path
Your slow invasion

You were there
I swear I saw you
You lived in your own world
You lived in now
This cloud clouds my judgement
But I feel the plunge
You are standing next to me
You are real

I don't have to look for you
I see you
No I feel you
You are in my veins
Out of sight
Right where you are
Eternal ghost
And yes you are real

 Apr 12, 2014 5:25:35 AM

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Blind Ones

In full view of the world
My eye blooms
And my hands reach the moon
And I write more songs
In this dream I'm a shadow
Finally I am seen
Silhouette or not
I am inheriting this world
And the voices calling out to the sky
All around me in ecstasy
See me but have never seen me
They feel me but they are blind
Blind to everything around them
They live but they are dead
They worship and they dream
But they forget who they are
How easy for them it seems
To get swallowed by the tide
Just as it's easy for me
To go against the current
And in full view of the world
I get to the other side
And I'm silent and I'm calm
My palms have no sweat
My heartbeat is an even drum
Even as I march towards death
And I find rhythm in my words
This pulse of my actions
And call out in the trees
I still see the universe in front of me
How can I not know
These rivers in me
Have lived since time began
That all I am is blood and spirit
Temporary yet eternal
That I'm here now and can see
The true face of the world
And will keep showing them
The blind ones reaching out
Who will never have these eyes

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I think life is constructed like a joke... I have been a reader of various Zen writings and they all seem to say one thing: most known truths are paradox. Im saying like a joke because its funny how life is like that: paradox. It is also strange and conflicting half the time.

I'm in a predicament. You see, life has been kind and I found chances with several things I have been chasing. So it is kind of good right now. not underestimate the power of feelings and want as well as need. Once you get what you want, you are hit with realities.

One: you have no idea how to proceed. Mostly you go with the flow and let it grow. But sometimes it is not that simple. Be it your business life and your relationships you need to be cautious. You need to step outside and see where you are and where you are going. Or do you? You see, thats how I wired myself, chained myself. I know what I am like see, I know how people react to me and my work. My feelings are always involved and my opinions are not normally subject to personal review. So in this caution I basically protect the world from myself. But the world does not know that.

I fear few things in life. I do not fear business or relationships...I just fear myself and my actions within those areas. I give so much that I end up feeling worthless and so decide to give little to achieve more. I feel so much that I fear to push away what I want. So I keep the emotion in check and though I move with effort...I move and protect.

So i'm in a predicament. They need me to show them everything to take me to the next level. They want me to give everything. She needs me to show it all to take us to the next level. But won't that drive it all away? Won't I scare her from me? I want it all to work out so bad. But I am scared of me. I am worried. My emotions are shouting. I know that I have already chosen to give all. But it scares me. I am naked. Nowere left to hide.

But I know I have decided. I'm going with the tide, not against it. It was always easier anyway - to be the river itself and not the fish. To let myself be...whatever the outcome.

Sigh. And so the tale begins...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Lacrimae Rerum

To put silence in words
Requires a sound
And to paint death
Requires a colour
Nothing exists in words
Or in colour
Our imagination
Became our eyes

To speak of life
Is to speak of pain
To speak of love
Is to lose yourself
The day it began
All turned paradox
And our greatest triumphs
Lived within tragedy

Chained in reality
Was always truth
In the invisible
In gravity and time
Quiet dominance in love
In power with faith
And truer still
The sorrow of being

We reconcile with life
And fear our end
When living is a drop
Into the sea that is death
A mere demonstration
Of the lifestreams
The hands of mother earth
And ancient of days

Lacrimae rerum
Oh we weep for consciousness
Our eyes forever clouded
By falsehoods of the mind
And how sad to run away
From our very souls
How we devour ourselves
Without grace

Soon time will fall
And faith will dissolve
Soon everything will be real
The end a beginning
And when we see the light
We will be the brightness
As when we find love
We will be the feeling

Monday, August 19, 2013

Bloodmoon (@Red_Sekhmet) Poem

Cerulean and sapphire merge ~ the horizon their endless seam ~ the sun is in a mood to splurge ~ as it casts down handfuls of gleam -- Bloodmoon (@Red_Sekhmet)